Ergostudio, Inc.

Ergostudio, Inc., a company that started in 2007 and lead by Idr. Charlyn Nivera-Parpan specializes in interior design for homes, offices and commercial establishments.  We also offer architectural and construction services.

We start our design process by understanding each individual client’s needs and wants.  Using our client’s vision as our inspiration, we weave our expertise and translate this into an original, interesting and unique space that is an expression of who our client really is.

We always strive to exceed client expectations by creating something that is a balance of style, quality and budget. Our goal is to showcase a space that is a feast for the eyes and something our client can be proud of. In the end, we believe that great design is ultimately measured by a satisfied client.


Unit 207-208, 2nd floor

Store Hours

Monday – Friday, 9AM – 6PM

Contact Number

Tel (02) 6561569
Mobile 09175252134